Athletes Have More Attractive Bodies Than “Gym Rats”

There is something about a body that gets fit through sports that is more attractive than gym built bodies. The nice thing about sports is that the body gets built up in a natural way. A common thing I see with “gym rats” is that they have bulky muscle that actually makes them less athletic.

Have You Ever Seen A Guy With Huge Legs Try and Run?

There are some guys with legs so bulky they can hardly even walk, so running is out of the question. I forget where I read this, but a world renowned track coach got into an argument with a bodybuilder. He argued that excessive leg mass was a disadvantage in any sports requiring running (which includes almost every sport, by the way). To make a long story short the 25 year old bodybuilder and 3 of his bodybuilding friends raced 800 meters (2 laps around the track) against a man in his 60’s.

Results of This Race Between The 4 Bodybuilders and Man in His 60’s

The man in his 60’s beat the next closest by over 200 meters! Two out of the other three couldn’t even make it two laps around the track, because of pulled muscles. The 4th guy had to walk the last lap. I have to laugh!

Some Time in the Gym is Great, But Sports Will Push Your Body to The Next Level

I think one of the reasons sports really gets people nice and lean is that you get competitive and physically push yourself harder than you normally would on your own accord. You will naturally run harder if you are sprinting against an opponent -vs- just running on a treadmill.

Here Are Some Inspirational Photo’s of Athletes that Have Created Nice Physiques Through Competing in Sports…Volleyball and Soccer (Futbol)

attractive athletes

attractive athletes

Fans of Team Sweden Soccer Are in Good Shape As Well!

attractive atheletes

Sorry, I couldn’t Help It Smile

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  1. The other is Giovanni van Bronckhorst Number# 5 from the Netherlands in Euro 2004. The dutch won in penalty kicks!!!

  2. You bet…his name is Fredrik Ljungberg. He models for Calvin Klein and is one of Sweden’s star soccer players.


  3. just wondering what the guys name in the picture above the girl is. he is wearing a number 9 on his uniform. i see his pictures all over but cant seem to find a profile on him. thanks !! ciao!

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