An Amazing Personal Development Blog That Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.

I have to tell you about a blog that all of you should begin reading. It isn’t a fitness blog or anything like that.

It is the best personal development information you will find in any form. I have a decent list of blogs that I read on a regular basis, and this has to be the best. The blog is called Steve Pavlina dot com “Personal Development For Smart People”.
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Steve Pavlina’s Blog Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Ever since I discovered Steve’s blog, I have drastically cut back on the number of blogs I read. The content on his blog is absolutely top notch. I developed my site following his same philosophy…create the best content you can and give it away for free. I have a long, long ways to go to accomplish what he has, but he is a big inspiration to me.

His whole goal is just to help as many people as possible and that is why he has been so successful.

His Blog Gets Over 1 Million Visitors Per Month

Steve has never spent a cent on advertising his blog and yet he gets over 1 million visitors per month. His site has grown by word-of-mouth, because the information he shares really is that good.

I can’t stress this enough, I actually believe if you spend an afternoon reading a lot of his posts you will change for the better. A few of his post inspired me to really work hard on building a fitness site to help people. I had already started before I found his blog, but he helped me believe I could reach and help a lot of people.

He Will Help You Believe in Yourself

I know that sounds corny, but you are capable of doing great things. Getting in shape will be a piece of cake if you believe you can do it. Honestly, getting in shape is pretty easy (oh no the secret is out…LOL)…you just have to have the right mind set.

The nice thing about hitting your goal of getting in great shape is that it builds your belief to do bigger things as well. Yes…walking around the world with a rockin’ body is great, but you won’t be happy unless you are pursuing your life’s mission.

Most Sites on the Internet vs. Steve Pavlina’s Site

Steve is super opinionated and has a really unique and sometimes abrasive way of saying things people should know to be successful. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and he isn’t afraid to offend people.

He isn’t a spacey glassy-eyed “self help” guy. He talks about action plans that work. He also doesn’t put himself above his readers and isn’t there to sell you anything. He sometimes tells personal stories that are painful.

Here is A Clip From His Into Page

“Personal development is hard work. If you’re looking for shallow quick fixes, you’ll need to look elsewhere. This site will help you learn to live more consciously, to summon the courage to face the unfaceable parts of your life, and to solve the deep problems you’ve not yet been able to solve. You’ll learn practical ideas to make important changes in your life, both big and small, so you can get your life on track and start living up to your potential.”

Do You Really Want to Be Extremely Fit and Healthy?

If you aren’t just saying you want to get fit, then make sure you visit his site and sign up for his newsletter. Visit his site on a regular basis to get in the right “mind set” to have the discipline it takes to get in shape.

I plan on building this site up for years with every morsel of cutting edge fitness info I run across, but none of that will help if you don’t put in the action. I want you guys to succeed as much as you do. We need more healthy people in this world both physically AND mentally, that is why I hope you read his blog as well as mine.

Note: If you aren’t a reader of his blog or haven’t heard of him, then here is my gift to you ===>

9 thoughts on “An Amazing Personal Development Blog That Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.”

  1. I liked his site until I read that he was a vegetarian and said that you can be a bodybuilder on something like 40 grams of protein a day. lol

  2. Ricky,

    I get enough traffic right now to make nice money from this blog if I wanted to, but for now I’m holding back on monetizing it. I do plan on eventually doing this full-time (right now I run a large men’s suit store). Anyway, thanks for the compliments.


  3. Hey Rusty,
    I’ve been checking out Steve Pavlina’s site for quite a while. Very intersting and very inspiring blog. One article that I found was How to Make Money from Your Blog.
    You should take down his same advice and cash in on your blogging success. While you may not have as many visitors, you have certainly attracted your own niche. Who knows? You might even be able to quit your day job. Certainly deserving of someone with such an awsome site. Anyways, keep up with the awsome posts!

  4. Venkat,

    I can’t do the vegan thing, but I totally see his point. I may give it a try someday, since it does seem a bit cruel to kill animals.


    Yeah…his blog is “nutritious food for the mind”…there is so much trash out there that we need a dose of good stuff every now and then.


    That is my favorite post as well. It drives me to build this site, even when I’m tired from a long day of work. Happy new year to you as well!


    By all your comments you really seem like a super-positive person anyway. You will REALLY enjoy this blog…I know it. I just started playing tennis 3 years ago. It is much more physically demanding than what it looks like!

    Enjoy His Blog and Spread The Word!


  5. Hey Rusty
    Spent an hour on the site last night and there’s a lot of good stuff there. My situation coming from travelling the world playing tennis in my 20’s to an unfulfilling office job in my early 30’s, i think a lot of this info will be enlightening..i’ve been looking for a good site without all the mumbo jumbo for ages, thanks for providing the site..cheers

  6. thanks for sharing steve’s site! i’m reading his “10 reasons not to get a job” article and am loving it!! it’s exactly where i’m at having graduated college in ’06 and starting my own business. =) happy new year, rusty.

  7. I stumbled upon Steve’s website about a year ago. It really is as amazing as you say. The article “The Courage to Live Consciously” really opened my eyes and has inspired me. I still read it at least once a week.

    It was a good idea to tell your readers about his blog. I think a lot of his writings will be quite moving to the readers of this site.

  8. I have been reading Steve’s blog for the last year and a half and I can honestly say it has made a deep impression on my whole attitude . I even turned vegetarian for a while but couldn’t stick to it for more than a year. Rusty, what do you think about Steve’s vegan opinions?

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