Alwyn Cosgrove’s Opinion on “Fitness Research”

Alwyn Cosgrove is one of the most respected minds in the fitness industry. I like his take on “fitness research”.

Alwyn Cosgrove

Our gym trains people in the real world and sees real world results.

In fact – we don’t even look at research initially.

First – we see what works in the gym – in reality.

You aren’t seeing studies looking at self-limiting exercises performed in a circuit format with explosive lifting, TRX, kettlebell and sandbag exercises … with interval training finishers using sleds and ropes.

So we don’t look for research to tell us what to do — we’re looking for research to explain why, so we can go back and upgrade our programs.

1 thought on “Alwyn Cosgrove’s Opinion on “Fitness Research””

  1. Is this guy kidding himself. Cosgrove is a notorious plagiarist. I used to admire his works. But the incontrovertible evidence of his intellectual theft has been comprehensively and forensically set out by Ian King. Just google it.

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