AKON…Why Women Find This Guy Sexy As Hell!

Akon is the man right now…seriously! He is an incredibly talented musician…but beyond that, all of the hip young women that I hang out with love this guy. Many people claim that guys like this wouldn’t be able to attract women if they weren’t famous…with Akon this simply isn’t the case. He is in great shape, has created a funky look, and has a very solid presence. It is easy to put down successful people and discount their accomplishments…but I’d rather learn from successful people like this.

Akon Fitness
(Akon is seriously stylin’…he obviously doesn’t want to blend)

Do You Think Akon Would Look Better With 30 Pounds More Muscle?

I really don’t think it would be possible for him to achieve the same look if he was a “big” guy. He would have a whole different “vibe”…although he would look alright, I bet less women would find him attractive. He achieves a funky look by remaining slim and toned.

Is Akon Slim Because He Can’t Get Any Bigger?

This is a funny idea that comes up on a lot of sites. Many people in fitness believe that all guys would get as massive as possible if they had a choice. This is simply not the case. I guarantee you that Akon could easily pack on 30 pounds of muscle if he wanted to, but he is a wise man…he knows that would ruin his look.

More an More Muscle Does NOT Mean You Will Be More and More Attractive

Read theses names…Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Colin Farrell, Ben Affleck, David Beckham, Ashton Kucher, Jared Leto, Will Smith, etc…What would these guys look like if they packed on 30+ pounds more of pure muscle? I guarantee you that they wouldn’t look as good! I’m not denying that there are several guys with more muscle that women do find attractive, but for the most part they like guys who aren’t too big to wear dress clothes, normal jean, etc.

Akon is Especially “Dialed In” Because He Seems Like An Interesting Guy

Obviously looks aren’t everything. The great thing about women is that they are more forgiving about looks, but you should give yourself the best chance of meeting a great woman in the first place by putting your best foot forward. If you are one of those rare guys who do look better a bit bigger, then go for it…but for most I would recommend a slimmer more natural size with good muscle definition, just like Akon.

You Know I Gotta Throw on some AKON and Snoop!

(This song has been played a lot, but still good…an instant classic)

Note: Is SNOOP the biggest crossover artist ever? No matter what music people listen to, whether it is rock, hip-hop, techno, 80’s, etc..most people dig Snoop!

28 thoughts on “AKON…Why Women Find This Guy Sexy As Hell!”

  1. Syrai,

    Great comments…we know girls are WAY more forgiving about looks and that girls like many different shapes and sizes. Just tying to help guys achieve the look that women prefer more often than not. I also believe that people should have a high self-esteem and be happy about themselves.


  2. Okay, still on the subject: do girls like bigger or smaller guys, I’m a girl so I guess I’ve got a say in this 😉 LOL.
    Akon really doesn’t do it for me, which has nothing to do with his body actually. Has more to do with his face and attitude. Thing is, I did agree with the whole; girls like leaner guys-thing. However….. I just tuned in to the new video from Craig David: hot stuff (let’s dance). He never really was a small guy but he got totally big recently! And to be honest: me like!!! I liked him smaller, but I even so like him bigger. So I guess I can close this discussion, bt saying that it really doesn’t matter all that much 🙂 I guess being happy with the way you are, whether that is big or lean, is the most attractive any time.

    Love, Syrai

  3. It looks like fellas are gettin’ way off the topic, but on the topic of Akon you gotta search youtube for the video where he’s on stage and some lil’ white dude throws a cup of beer at him. Akon starts TRIPPIN and tells whoever it was to get on stage. The kid gets on stage and Akon walks up to him, straight old school WWF Guerilla Presses his ass over his head and throws him back in the crowd. I started really likin’ Akon after that. I’d post it but my college blocks Youtube out…..

  4. Eric,

    Yep…you are correct about my tagline, I’m actually going to do a major website overhaul in the next month or so…I will change the “advanced fitness tips” to something more appropriate for sure.

    You are correct about being a site admin. I moderate all comments, so they won’t show up permanently until I “okay” the comments. There are some people who can’t express their opinions without being extremely negative…those comments will never get okay’d by me.

    I want this to be an entertaining blog that teaches and motivates people to achieve a slimmer look than what most sites focus on. I try my best to send people to the proper places if they want to get bigger.

    Eric…your comments are well put…I appreciate someone who understands what is is like to be a site admin. Do you currently have a website? If you do, feel free to give a quick description…I’ll approve the comment, so you will get a bit of additional traffic to your site.



  5. Different strokes for different folks.
    Let’s all just get along with each other.

    When I go to a site, I am looking for something. Sometimes I found that I went to the wrong site, so I “tune out” by going somewhere else. Like changing the chanel on TV. But if someone were offending me on that site and I could respond, I would. I don’t feel that Rusty is offensive at all. He even guides people who are not of his mindset to other more appropriate sites.

    It is a tough balance for a site admin. They want to maintain freedom of speech for the posters, while keeping a certain level of politeness without losing the entertainment factor. I think Rusty is doing a good job in this regard.

    Ideally, people should define their objectives and focus on the achievement of those objectives. The objective at this site is to achieve a lean athletic (toned) look. I think that is correct.

    Rusty- Perhaps you should put your mission statement on your home page or site banner. That might alleviate some of the misunderstanding. The current page heading (The Fitness Blackbook: Advanced Tips Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Know About) is vague and will attract many people who do not share your objective. Thus, some will post negative comments.

    I respect all people that are trying to improve themselves.
    Disagreeing, but accepting and understanding differences is key to respecting others and communicating without creating barriers.
    Communication is the gateway to knowledge and growth.

    Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder (including the person looking in the mirror).

    Eric Jones

  6. Tim,

    Good points for sure. Yeah…I know there are guys and girls who probably want to get bigger than the focus of this site. Fitness is such a wide topic, that I really wanted to narrow it down to just getting lean.

    Certainly those other actors have great physiques. I just wanted my site to focus more on the slim and lean look. I do emphasize a bit of strength training on a low calorie diet with a focus on cardio. If an untrained person gets stronger, a bit of muscle growth is inevitable…it just won’t get out of control since there is a calorie deficit present.

    I understand your points and focusing on building muscle and then getting lean is an approach that works well, it just isn’t the approach I focus on on this site.


  7. Rusty and others,

    I’ve been reading this site for a bit in order to gain an understanding of your approach. I commend Rusty’s idea of developing a website in order to help people reach the “lean” look. I see much talk of hollywood bodies and sex symbols. That’s great! Looking better is an admirable goal that, done properly, leads to better health and lifestyle choices.

    However, I am dishearted by the bias. Fight club Brad Pitt (What about Troy?), Ryan Reynolds, Sean Connory, Richard Gere, etc. Sure, they aren’t fat and of course in better health than most. And they are oo’d and aa’d over. But you forget other hollywood sex symbols with much superior muscular development – Vin Diesel, Usher, LL Cool J, The Rock, 50 Cent, Tom Welling (Smallville) and the very much acclaimed men of 300.

    There are so many uninformed people out there in regards to what it takes to achieve their ideal body. Ironically, at the root of it all, is a desire to *build* their *body*. Bodybuild. I said it. What many are afraid to do for fear of becoming ‘too big’. How come they don’t know that by abstaining from weights for a while (not to mention good nutrition )and doing cardio they can shrink down? Misinformation. Not the full truth being told.

    What if they were encouraged to bodybuild (which involves gaining muscle rapidly) until they reached their target muscularity, and then maintain it along with a desired fat %? That makes sense, getting there as fast as possible (which is a lifestyle change, and those stick) and then holding or even improving if desired. Us reasonable bodybuilders also laugh at the fools who slam weights, hog equipment, and look dumb. We also laugh at the 3-5lb dumbellinas and dumbellinos getting nowhere – it goes both ways.

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