Hey…I want to know your top 5 workout songs that you are listening to today! Yep…I would love for you guys to put your list down in the “comment” section. I’m just curious to see what everybody is listening to that gets them ready to hit the gym and workout hard.

workout music

For the record, I’m open to anything with a beat when I workout. I’m a Seattle guy and in this city alternative rock or techno is really big. There are certainly other types of clubs mixed in, but the “hip” crowd here mainly listens to techno or house music. [click to continue…]


Laird Hamilton quite possibly has the perfect physique…and is truly an amazing role model when it comes to fitness. He is in better shape than just about anyone on the planet and he gets there largely by leaving the gym and cross-training. [click to continue…]


Have You Ever Actually Tried to Workout by Jumping Rope?

Seriously…most people have just played around with a jump rope back in Elementary School. A lot of people think of jumping rope as more of a game or a kid’s toy…the ironic thing is that it is actually an extremely effective form of exercise.

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Almost every person I know could easily walk at a brisk pace for 15 minutes, but I bet less than 1% of the population could jump rope for that long. [click to continue…]


I completely believe that building big legs is a waste of your time in the gym. I mean…why work so had at something that makes your body less attractive to the opposite sex?

Before I go on…I wanted to post a video of a bodybuilder with massive legs. I’m willing to bet that 90% of women find this amount of muscle repulsive. [click to continue…]


Assuming that your body fat is low enough, it takes very little work to get six pack abs. I am absolutely convinced that most of the crunches and twists that you see people perform in the gym are a waste of time. [click to continue…]


Is your treadmill workout this hard? I just had to show you this video of a very interesting use of a giant treadmill. It looks dangerous, but also extremely fun.

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