Laird Hamilton quite possibly has the perfect physique…and is truly an amazing role model when it comes to fitness. He is in better shape than just about anyone on the planet and he gets there largely by leaving the gym and cross-training. [click to continue…]


Craig Ballantyne, the author of the groundbreaking fitness book Turbulence Training, did a quick summary of the “300 Movie Workout”.

Craig Ballantyne is a writer for Men’s Health Magazine and really knows his stuff when it comes to torching body fat. His book, Turbulence Training, is one of the few fitness books worth buying on the Internet. It is actually filled with cutting edge advice and “original thought”…not just re-hashed stuff that everybody already knows. [click to continue…]


I’m convinced that Rocky Balboa had an incredible workout program that is far superior to the routines being pushed today. Seriously…if you can get past the “short shorts”, 70’s hair, and “AAAAADRIAN”….you could learn a thing or two from Rocky.

Before I analyze Rocky’s workout program, I have to share with you a VERY entertaining video. [click to continue…]