I am a believer in using both machines and free weights. In the last post, Giving Exercise Machines the Respect They Deserve,

I talk about how machine exercises can compensate for some of the flaws in free weight lifts. However, Free weight lifts do have some advantages.

free weights exercise machines

The Benefits of Free Weight Exercises

When you do a free weight exercise, you have to control the weight in a 3 dimensional space. [click to continue…]


I was working out today, thinking about how I spend too much time in my gym! I see the same people every day, the same trainers, the same girls, etc. I like my gym, because it is in my comfort zone. I’ve trained there for over a year and I know where everything is. I get a great workout, but somehow I feel like I’m missing out on something.

Girl Running Outside

Do You Want to Look Back on Your Life and Think of all The Time You Spent in a Gym?

In my golden years, I guess I don’t want the majority of my memories to be telling some muscle-head to put his weights away. [click to continue…]