Craig Ballantyne, the author of the groundbreaking fitness book Turbulence Training, did a quick summary of the “300 Movie Workout”.

Craig Ballantyne is a writer for Men’s Health Magazine and really knows his stuff when it comes to torching body fat. His book, Turbulence Training, is one of the few fitness books worth buying on the Internet. It is actually filled with cutting edge advice and “original thought”…not just re-hashed stuff that everybody already knows. [click to continue…]


So why would a guy want to concentrate on building square pecs instead of rounded pecs?

Well…the more rounded a guy’s chest muscles look, the more they look like breasts. That probably isn’t the look most men are shooting for.

There are several chest exercises to focus on to make this happen & some chest exercises you will probably want to avoid as well. Here is a photo of Brad Pitt, which shows what to shoot for. [click to continue…]


I am going to give you a quick tip that will make a world of difference in your quest to burn fat. You can thank me later when you are “lean and mean”!

First I want you to take a look at this picture…I want to give you a visual…it will make sense in a second.

burn body fat

What the heck does a gas tank have to do with losing fat? [click to continue…]