How Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Body Fat? It Depends…

If I was to hire someone to create a diet plan customized for my goals and activity levels, Nate Miyaki would be that person. Nate spends his days teaching advanced nutrition mastery workshops in the Silicone Valley area.

He has recently decided to branch out to the Internet to teach people all over the globe. Bottom line…he is a full-fledged expert when it comes to diet and body composition. He just created a video and guest post for Fitness Black Book.

My guess is that you will learn more in this 10 minute video about carbs and fat loss, than scouring the internet for 3+ hours.

[He’s a laid back surfer type, but get him in front of a white board and prepare for a serious knowledge drop.]

-by Nate Miyaki

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Top 10 Paleo Trends in 2012

Robb Wolf has been endorsing the Paleo lifestyle long before it became trendy. I’d almost say he is the top Paleo guy online…or at least in the top 3. Anyway, he just put up a post about the top 10 Paleo trends in 2012.


It’s been another exciting and groundbreaking year in the paleo world, and like last year, we’ve rounded-up the top 10 paleo highlights from the past 365 days. If you’ve been a hardcore paleo follower all year, reminisce on all the paleo goodness that was; and if you’re relatively new to the scene, here’s your chance to catch up on some of the things you may have missed.

This list is by no means scientific (all items were pulled out of the ‘vault’ that is my brain) or all-encompassing – but if you’re hard-up for some end of the year entertainment; grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy a (short) trip down paleo memory lane.

Red the rest of the story here Robb Wolf

Paleo Followers Lose Weight on The Potato Diet?

I eat low carb and paleo from time to time,but never for the long term. My belief is that there really isn’t a need to exclude carbs from your diet to lose weight.


This year a popular paleo forum had a guy who switched to the potato diet and began dropping weight. Several others followed his lead and experienced the same thing. I found an article on that.

The evidence showed that potatoes are non-toxic, filling per calorie, remarkably nutritious, and can be eaten as almost the sole source of nutrition for extended periods of time (though I’m not recommending this).

Traditional South American cultures such as the Quechua and Aymara have eaten potatoes as the major source of calories for generations without any apparent ill effects (3).

Potatoes appear not to cause fat gain, and in fact frequently cause fat loss and improve metabolic health in people who are overweight.

The potato diet works because: Potatoes have a low calorie density and a high satiety value per calorie.

New Primal Blueprint Book – Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings

I don’t follow a primal or paleo diet full-time, but I’m a big fan of Mark Sisson. I got his last cookbook, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and use 3 of those recipes on a regular basis. My favorite recipe from that book is the “Transylvanian Stockpot” stew. Today he just released his newest cookbook, Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings. Here’s the trailer for the book.

Link: Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings

Low-Carb Coconut Curry Cauliflower Rice Recipe

I tried making cauliflower rice one time before and didn’t like the result. This is the first recipe I’ve seen for making Paleo cauliflower rice that actually looks like it will taste great.

2 cups cauliflower florets
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 Cup coconut milk (light or full fat)
½ tsp curry power (more if you like)
¼ Cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1 green onion 

Link: Low-Carb Coconut Curry Rice.

Icing an Injury is Not as Important as Once Thought?

Mark Sisson is on a roll. He just put up another thought provoking post. He suggests that icing an injury may not be necessary for most common injuries.

Quote from article:

I’ve said this before, but inflammation is a necessary response to injury. It’s the inflammatory response that increases blood and lymphatic flow to and from the injured tissues, bringing healing nutrients and inflammatory mediators and removing damaged refuse. It’s the inflammatory response that makes injuries hurt, which prevents us from using and re-injuring the injured area.

Do we want to use ice in order to reduce the inflammation incurred after a soft tissue injury?

Link: Should We Ice Injuries?

Nerd Fitness Releases a Paleo App, 6 Months in the Making

Nerd Fitness just released Paleo Central, a paleo app that took 6 months to develop. It looks like Steve and his team did an incredible job with this app.

It is only .99 and is released for the iPhone. Hopefully they will come up with an Android version for us Galaxy S3 users. Click the link below to read about what this app does and the place to buy it, etc.

Link: Paleo Central: The First Nerd Fitness App is NOW AVAILABLE!.

The Gluten Free Diet is Great For Athletic Performance

My girlfriend has been eating gluten free for over 3 years now. In that time I’ve reduced my gluten intake dramatically. Here’s the thing…whenever I eat gluten my digestive system lets me know.

Dr. Peter Osborne is an authority in the gluten free community. Here’s a solid 6 minute video where he discusses gluten intolerance.

He also has a guest post put up on Craig Ballantyne’s blog discussing how going gluten free improves athletic performance. A good read!

Link: Gluten Free Diet Great For Athletics.