Akon is the man right now…seriously! He is an incredibly talented musician…but beyond that, all of the hip young women that I hang out with love this guy. Many people claim that guys like this wouldn’t be able to attract women if they weren’t famous…with Akon this simply isn’t the case. He is in great shape, has created a funky look, and has a very solid presence. It is easy to put down successful people and discount their accomplishments…but I’d rather learn from successful people like this.

Akon Fitness
(Akon is seriously stylin’…he obviously doesn’t want to blend)

Do You Think Akon Would Look Better With 30 Pounds More Muscle?

I really don’t think it would be possible for him to achieve the same look if he was a “big” guy. [click to continue…]


When I was young, I was always kind of worried about getting old. I looked around and I never saw anyone over 30 that was in good shape.

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I was told that “father time” would eventually catch up with me and I would be overweight…all my other relatives put on weight like crazy once they reached their 30th birthday.

I Chose a Better Path…You Can To!

I’m now closing in on reaching the age of 40 and I’m displaying more muscle tone than ever. What is crazy is that [click to continue…]


Have you ever had a “hint” of a six pack abs, but not as good as you see in the magazines? Are your muscles “kind of” toned, but you want better muscle tone?

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I may know your problem and I have a solution for you. This goes against what is currently being taught in many gyms…and that is why I’m drawn to it…plus it works extremely well!

Jennifer Garner Workout
(Jennifer Garner understands the “secret” to great muscle tone)

So What is This “Secret Tip” for Great Muscle Tone?

The way to get really toned to a level you have never reached is to “hold your weight” at a low body fat percentage for a long period of time. [click to continue…]


First of all, I apologize ahead of time if you are not an NBA fan. I know this is a fitness site, but I have to point out these unbelievable athletes! These guys have almost no body fat on their bodies whatsoever, and they also happen to be two of the most dominant players in the NBA. I can’t believe these guys are now going to be on the same team…the Boston Celtics.

Watch this Video of Kevin Garnett…OMG!!!! He is Ridiculous!

Even If You Aren’t an NBA fan, You Have to See This Guy!

Kevin Garnett is a freak of nature. [click to continue…]


Laird Hamilton quite possibly has the perfect physique…and is truly an amazing role model when it comes to fitness. He is in better shape than just about anyone on the planet and he gets there largely by leaving the gym and cross-training. [click to continue…]


I recommend a unique approach to gaining muscle tone. I believe that the key to toning your muscles is to actually lift heavy for low reps, for at least part of your workout. So if you were to ask me what the best triceps exercises are to build muscle tone, it would be exercises that allow people to use heavy weight.

Here is a List of What I Consider to Be the Best Triceps Exercises
[click to continue…]


Is it possible that you can burn fat at a quicker rate and increase muscle tone by drinking a few beers per day? Beer lovers rejoice…a recent study has some interesting findings!

Lyle Mcdonald, an authority on fat loss, recently spoke about that a paper that talks about alcohol consumption in people who are consuming low calories throughout the day… [click to continue…]


Yep…your personal trainer is wrong. Seriously, you will experience a new level of muscle definition if you take the time to understand what causes muscle tone.

So What is The Cause of Muscle Tone? [click to continue…]