I have been guilty in the past of not giving steady state aerobics any respect. I am a big believer in high intensity interval training because it is extremely effective at burning body fat. I LOVE high intensity interval training.

It is quick and gets results, but obviously steady state aerobics have great advantages as well. In this article I will talk about combining the two to maximize fat loss.

Steady State Aerobics
[“Drop That Zero and Get With the Hero!”…Quote from Vanilla Ice in the movie “Cool As Ice”. I am embarrassed that I know that…LOL!]

A Quick Background on Steady State Aerobics

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s steady state cardio was THE way to burn body fat. Everybody was pushing the idea of spending a long period of time on a cardio machine at a walking pace, to reach a target heart rate that supposedly used “fat for fuel”. This did work for people who put in the time and who ate strictly. It was particularly effective for bodybuilders, since they would burn more calories walking due to their high lean body mass.

Steady State Aerobics Worked, But Had Flaws [click to continue…]


So Why is a Site on Fitness Talking About Partying?

Here’s the deal…I believe in staying extremely fit while enjoying life to the fullest! I’m not an advocate of excessive drinking, but I am realistic. I know there is a large group of young people who not only want to look sexy…they want to party like crazy for a few years…they are also known as “College Students”.

Partying in College
(Don’t Become “Frank the Tank”)

Why Do College Students Feel the Need to Party in the First Place?

I have been out of college for 15 years, but I remember those days like it was yesterday. I always went to parties with the idea of meeting girls. [click to continue…]