Before you read this post, I need a disclaimer. You absolutely can build muscle without machines. What the article I’m referring to suggests is that workout machines will help you reach your potential a bit faster. My suggestion is to use both free weights and machines.

From the article:

Machines are designed with a CAM set up, which isn’t dependent on a single load vector (like free weights or cables). Instead, the CAM system is designed to provide you with a more consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion, which translates into increased time under tension (i.e. more overload on your muscles) because you don’t get a chance to rest at the bottom or top position like to you can with most free weights exercises.

Link: Top 5 Bodybuilding Workout Mistakes (Part 3): Avoiding Machines.


I am a believer in using both machines and free weights. In the last post, Giving Exercise Machines the Respect They Deserve,

I talk about how machine exercises can compensate for some of the flaws in free weight lifts. However, Free weight lifts do have some advantages.

free weights exercise machines

The Benefits of Free Weight Exercises

When you do a free weight exercise, you have to control the weight in a 3 dimensional space. [click to continue…]


Arthur Jones, the inventor of the Nautilus machines, passed away at the age of 80 on August 28, 2007.

He was a radical thinker who completely went against the popular fitness ideas of his day. I consider him a mentor and a true pioneer when it came to fitness.

Arthur first came out with his Nautilus machines in 1970.

Nautilus Equipment

In the early 70’s bodybuilders were spending hours in the gym each day. Arnold and other bodybuilders were spending 1/2 of their days in the gym!

Along came a man named Arthur Jones, who preached that people didn’t have to live in the gym to get outstanding results. He was telling people to do just one set per exercise…and to go into the gym for a few lifts and then get out…typically in 30 minutes or less just a few times per week! [click to continue…]