This has to be the most jacked-up title for any post on this site so far!

You probably think I’m joking but Yoda has kind of been a mentor for me. I’m not a complete Star Wars Dork…well I don’t own any Star Wars action figures (used to when I was 7 years old)…I’m not a Star Wars Dork, just more of a well-rounded dork.

There is a scene in Empire Strikes Back that probably had a bigger impact on my life than any scene in any movie ever. I’m not kidding!

I’d like to share that scene with you and then let’s discuss it a bit.

(Listen to the words of wisdom…this scene still gives me chills!)

“Do Or Do Not…There Is No Try!”

These are actually words to live by when it comes to ANY goal. [click to continue…]


When I was young, I was always kind of worried about getting old. I looked around and I never saw anyone over 30 that was in good shape.

I was told that “father time” would eventually catch up with me and I would be overweight…all my other relatives put on weight like crazy once they reached their 30th birthday.

I Chose a Better Path…You Can To!

I’m now closing in on reaching the age of 40 and I’m displaying more muscle tone than ever. What is crazy is that [click to continue…]


The Internet is a wonderful place to learn about “stuff”…the problem is that there is just too much stuff out there at times. Take the topic of fitness for instance. I did a Google search for the term “fitness” and ended up with 363 Million results!

Fitness Blog
(Nope…this isn’t a picture of me…this guy was blessed with WAY better hair!)

How Do You Find the Best Info out of Millions of Fitness Blogs?

I visit hundreds of fitness blogs and fitness sites each month. I guess I want to provide the best information that I can, so I need to be on top of it. I also comment on other people’s sites and do a little self promotion…etc. There are quite a few good ones out there, but there are tons of really “half-assed” fitness websites. [click to continue…]


Let’s get one thing clear…skipping a meal does not slow down your metabolism!

A popular idea right now is that if you skip meals your body goes into “starvation mode”.

Skipping Meals Slow Metabolism

This is where the popular six meal per day diet plan got its start. This theory is based upon a misunderstanding of how diet affects your metabolism.

Prolonged Fasting and Prolonged Low Calorie Diets is What Puts the Body Into Starvation Mode [click to continue…]


Have you ever had a “hint” of a six pack abs, but not as good as you see in the magazines? Are your muscles “kind of” toned, but you want better muscle tone?

I may know your problem and I have a solution for you. This goes against what is currently being taught in many gyms…and that is why I’m drawn to it…plus it works extremely well!

Jennifer Garner Workout
(Jennifer Garner understands the “secret” to great muscle tone)

So What is This “Secret Tip” for Great Muscle Tone?

The way to get really toned to a level you have never reached is to “hold your weight” at a low body fat percentage for a long period of time. [click to continue…]


So why would a guy want to concentrate on building square pecs instead of rounded pecs?

Well…the more rounded a guy’s chest muscles look, the more they look like breasts. That probably isn’t the look most men are shooting for.

There are several chest exercises to focus on to make this happen & some chest exercises you will probably want to avoid as well. Here is a photo of Brad Pitt, which shows what to shoot for. [click to continue…]


Is your treadmill workout this hard? I just had to show you this video of a very interesting use of a giant treadmill. It looks dangerous, but also extremely fun.

[click to continue…]