So there is a study that was just released showing that aerobic exercise burns more fat than resistance training, or intense interval type training. Let me start off by saying that this study was poorly executed. This is coming from a HUGE believer in adding in slow cardio to maximize fat loss. I should be using the study to promote my cardio product, but I didn’t like the way the study was setup.


Aerobic exercise, commonly know as “cardio”, including running, walking, and swimming, has historically been established as a good way to lose weight.

However, research on the effects of resistance training on fat mass have not had significant conclusions.

Subjects were randomly given one of three exercise groups: aerobic training (nearly 12 miles per week), resistance training (three days per week of weight training, three sets per day, 8-12 repetitions per set), or aerobic and resistance training together (three days a week, three sets per day, 8-12 repetitions per set for resistance training, and around 12 miles per week of cardio).

The aerobic training and the aerobic plus resistance training groups collectively lost more weight than those who completed only resistance training.

Cardio exercise proved to be a more efficient type of exercise for losing body fat.

In this specific study, resistance training did not reduce fat mass or body weight significantly, regardless of any differences in resting metabolic rate.

“Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults” Leslie H. Willis, Cris A. Slentz, Lori A. Bateman, A. Tamlyn Shields, Lucy W. Piner, Connie W. Bales, Joseph A. Houmard5, and William E. Kraus Journal of Applied Physiology, December 2012, doi: 10.​1152/​japplphysiol.


Here’s an article which compares calorie burning rate of various cardio machines. In my opinion a lot depends upon intensity, but nonetheless this is an interesting comparison.

cadio machines and caloreies burned

From the article:

Please keep in mind that any one of the machines listed below are capable of inducing a higher caloric expenditure than the other. This list is an estimation of which cardio machines have the potential of burning the most amount of calories when all other factors are equal:

  1. Cross Country Skiing
  2. Running on the treadmill
  3. Rowing
  4. Step-Mill (the one with real steps)
  5. Elliptical with Arms
  6. Jump Rope
  7. Biking upright
  8. Recumbent biking
  9. Arm ergonometer

Link: Joachim’s Training Blog: What Cardio/Aerobic Machine Burns the Most Calories?.


So Why is a Site on Fitness Talking About Partying?

Here’s the deal…I believe in staying extremely fit while enjoying life to the fullest! I’m not an advocate of excessive drinking, but I am realistic. I know there is a large group of young people who not only want to look sexy…they want to party like crazy for a few years…they are also known as “College Students”.

Partying in College
(Don’t Become “Frank the Tank”)

Why Do College Students Feel the Need to Party in the First Place?

I have been out of college for 15 years, but I remember those days like it was yesterday. I always went to parties with the idea of meeting girls. [click to continue…]


Dear Bodybuilding Dork,

I just wanted to say “thanks”! I have been working out in the same gym as you for the past 19 years and I’ve rarely spoken to you. I know you must think I’m a “pretty boy” for doing cardio and NOT doing hardcore things like yelling and dropping weights. Oh well…maybe you will like me better after this “thank you” letter. [click to continue…]


Gaining Muscle Strategically is the Way to Look Your Best

Typically all the guys (and some women) I see in the free-weight room are trying to gain as much muscle as possible. Worse than that, they will take the muscle gain on any part of their body. The problem with gaining muscle just for the sake of gaining muscle quickly creates an unbalanced body.

attractive body

Male Model Bartholomeo Fasano…Great Muscle Balance (and not bad looking…”you’re welcome” ladies…I’m trying my best to include photo’s of good looking guys along with hot women). [click to continue…]


I’m convinced that Rocky Balboa had an incredible workout program that is far superior to the routines being pushed today. Seriously…if you can get past the “short shorts”, 70’s hair, and “AAAAADRIAN”….you could learn a thing or two from Rocky.

Before I analyze Rocky’s workout program, I have to share with you a VERY entertaining video. [click to continue…]


Is your treadmill workout this hard? I just had to show you this video of a very interesting use of a giant treadmill. It looks dangerous, but also extremely fun.

[click to continue…]


I often get asked what the best abdominal exercise is to get six pack abs. Here is my answer every time…

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#F2C729″ border_width=”0″ border_color=”#dddddd” ][the_ad id=”14901″][/dropshadowbox]

There isn’t an abdominal exercise that can be considered the best!

Having a ripped midsection is much more a result of having a low body fat level…not about working your abs with a particular lift.

What kills me is that I see personal trainers taking their clients through all sorts of crunching exercises to “really hit their midsection”.

Let’s take a look at a diagram… [click to continue…]