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I am cautious about recommending explosive strength training due to a higher risk of injury compared with slow and steady training.

That being said, it is an effective way to gain strength quickly when done properly. I haven’t dug in deep into this topic on my blog so far, so I wanted to take the time to do this now.

The same weight can generate a different amount of tension to the muscles worked, depending upon the speed at which that weight is lifted. This is what I plan on talking about in detail in this post, along with a way to include this technique into your workout routine.

Explosive Strength Training
[Insert cheesy trivia that “ants can lift 50 times their body weight” here. Another awesome piece of trivia for you? A polecat is not a cat. It is a nocturnal European weasel 🙂 Very important life-changing info for free, brought to you by FBB!]

Strength Training vs Building Muscle

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I wanted to make a post outlining the most common strength training mistakes I see in the gym on a regular basis.

I know that all of us reach sticking points in strength gains, but you could be doing a few things in your workout that are sabotaging your own progress. In my rush to getting stronger in my early days of lifting, I made these same mistakes. Use this post as a checklist next time you get stuck. Strength training is safe and easy when done properly, but can make you weak and sore if done wrong.

strength training

[I was overdue for an odd photo, so this should do the job. As usual, only about 1/2 of the photos on my site have anything to do with the article. This weekend I am going with a few friends to a beach house that has a nice hot tub overlooking the water. I guess this photo relates to that, but hopefully we won’t be attacking each other!]

Why I Recommend Strength Training Over Bodybuilding
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The basic building block of strength training is the individual repetition.

If you perform each rep the way I describe here, you will never have to worry about injury. Also, this approach to lifting will insure that you get maximum muscle definition not just on the muscle being worked, but over your entire body. Performing each rep properly makes all the difference in the world when it comes to looking sleek and defined.
people tanning on a yacht
[You have probably noticed by now that I don’t include a lot of sweaty people in spandex lifting weights. I’d rather chose inspiring photos like people sun bathing on the bow of a Mega-Yacht. My blog is just trying to make the Internet a more attractive place.]

Fake Strength Versus Real Strength
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If I was going to come up with a simple formula for getting the slim and lean look that looks great in and out of clothes, this would be it: Strength training while losing or maintaining weight.

The main thing is to do strength training in a safe and sensible way. The other point is to do it without adding excessive muscle mass. Most people have never tried to gain strength while losing or maintaining weight. Typically people “bulk up” while strength training and lift light when losing weight. I suggest a different approach.
Strength--Interval-Training post

A Study Exploring Calorie Restriction on Muscle Mass
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I have to admit, I have only been exposed to thick bar training on a few occasions.

I simply have never trained in a gym that had many thick barbells or dumbbells. My guess is that 99.9% of the people reading this article don’t have access to thick bars either. I do have a solution for this, but first lets talk about how thick bars can significantly improve upper body development.

thick bar training


[If you can develop a vise-like grip, weights that once felt heavy will now feel lighter in your hands. This strength will transfer over to your entire upper body. I’ll discuss why this is the case in a second.]

How Does a Strong Grip Help With Pressing Movements?

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Here’s an article written by a guy who struggled to build forearm size until he added thick bar training to his routine. When wrist curls and reverse wrist curls aren’t doing the trick, this is an approach that can help.

[Most gyms don’t have thick Olympic bars, so Fat Gripz are a solution to that problem.]

Link: Get A Grip: The Importance Of Forearm Strength.


Believe it or not, your grip strength can be a limiting factor in gaining strength in all lifts. Whenever I’ve stalled in any exercise for an extended period of time, I spend a period of time increasing grip strength. Here’s a great video demonstrating “Around the Worlds”.

These guys are pinching two 45 pound plates while rotating their hands. Make sure and work both clockwise and counterclockwise. The link to the full article below.

Link: Cyber Grip – High Impact Grip Training Drill

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I don’t put up too many guest posts on my site, but JC wrote one exclusively for my blog that I couldn’t pass on.

I was chatting with him about getting stubborn body parts to grow…and that I haven’t discussed this much on my blog. I know this is one of his specialties, so asked him if he would be up for a guest post.

He came up with a much more comprehensive post than I was expecting. Not only does he give out a great strategy, he outlines 2 different detailed workouts to use to get a stubborn body part to grow.

Specialization Training
Making Those Stubborn Body Parts Grow

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Compound Exercise Overload is a technique I recently heard about through Nick Nilsson’s Newsletter.

While I have different goals than Nick, I respect him for being a trail blazer and thinking outside the box. I subscribe to a bunch of fitness newsletters to see who actually delivers solid info, and so far I’m pleased with the info I’ve received from Nick.

Good stuff! In this post I want to discuss one of his muscle growth techniques in more detail. Nick calls it “compound exercise overload”. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks to me like it would work extremely well.

compound exercise overload
[I wish I would have known about this technique when I started out. I struggled with the bench press for quite a few years and this would have helped me avoid lengthy sticking points.]

The Story of “Bear” – The King of Our College Gym!
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I’ve been a fan of HIIT and interval training for well over a decade. It jacks up the metabolism, increases your natural fat burning hormone (HGH) and simply helps you lose a lot more body fat than diet alone.

None of this is news to those familiar with interval training. What many people don’t realize is that interval training also increases your ability to do endurance exercise.

The crazy thing is that intervals may be more effective at increasing endurance than endurance exercise itself!

interval training

[I was looking for a good exercise photo, but nothing wow’d me. Instead, I just put up a photo I liked with great use of color.]

The Interval Training Study With Surprising Results
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