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A while back I wrote an article that introduced people to a gentleman by the name of Ori Hofmekler. Ori is the author of the controversial book, the Warrior Diet…which is based upon eating just one large meal per day!

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Warning: This article goes completely against the fitness mainstream! It is a very radical idea, but it does work. Keep reading….

When I was younger, I used to spend my summers getting up early in the day going to the beach. On most occasions, I wouldn’t eat a single calorie until 6pm or later in the day. Then I would eat as much as possible in the evening in ONE large meal.

My metabolism never slowed down…and despite eating late at night I never put on an ounce of fat. I used to think it was because of my age. Now I know different… [click to continue…]


“Why didn’t I think of that!” This is exactly what I thought when reading this “hack” in Tim Ferriss’s new book, The 4-Hour Body.

Instead of a book review, I would rather talk about a clever strategy Tim talks about on page 105-107. This is by far my favorite part of the book, because it really makes a lot of sense.

I could see how this little tweak could make a difference over time when it came to gaining muscle and losing body fat.

Gone in 60 Seconds
[What if a brief exercise of 60-90 seconds, made it less likely that this dessert would get stored as body fat? That is exactly one of the things Tim Ferriss explores in The 4-Hour Body].

Brief Muscular Contractions a Few Minutes Before You Eat?

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I used to be obsessed with protein. It was to the point where I would be bummed out when a meal didn’t have some form of meat or dairy.

I remember going to a friend’s house and his wife made a delicious pasta dish, but it didn’t contain any beef or chicken. Sad to say, I felt guilty that the meal didn’t seem to have the typical 30 grams of protein that I felt was a requirement back in those days.

I didn’t enjoy the meal as well as I should, which looking back was extremely stupid of me. This post is going to clear up a few common protein misconceptions.

How much protein

[Pasta, which is typically considered a “carb dish” also has protein. It is a high quality protein source just like an egg or chicken breast. Obviously it has less protein per gram than a chicken or egg, but it is a source of protein nonetheless.]I Used to Obsess Over Getting Enough “Protein Foods”
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We all have been told that eating 6 small meals per day will “keep your metabolism high”, allowing you to burn more body fat throughout the day.

Now, research has shown that meal frequency has absolutely NO impact on metabolic rate as well as weight loss. What you have been taught all of these years about eating several small meals is quickly getting proved false with study after study!

Awesome Scene From The Matrix!

Warning: You have a choice to make…”This is your last chance. If you take the blue pill the story ends and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…remember, all I am offering is the truth, nothing more”. [click to continue…]


A big argument for eating 6 meals per day, is that the 6 small meals supposedly increases the metabolic rate.

It is also argued that if you skip meals, you metabolism will shut down and your body will hoard fat. Well the British Journal of Nutrition has cited a study which proves this theory wrong.
Thai Food

(I LOVE Thai food more than anything! Well…almost anything!)

Meal Frequency and Energy Balance

This journal pulled together the results of several studies, which took two groups eating the same amount of calories. One group ate 3 meals and the other group ate 6 meals. [click to continue…]


Let’s get one thing clear…skipping a meal does not slow down your metabolism!

A popular idea right now is that if you skip meals your body goes into “starvation mode”.

Skipping Meals Slow Metabolism

This is where the popular six meal per day diet plan got its start. This theory is based upon a misunderstanding of how diet affects your metabolism.

Prolonged Fasting and Prolonged Low Calorie Diets is What Puts the Body Into Starvation Mode [click to continue…]


What Would a James Bond Workout Look Like?
James Bond Workout

The new James Bond, Daniel Craig, has quickly become a fitness icon. In Casino Royale, Craig really showed us what a nice toned physique looks like. In 1999, Brad Pitt attained what could be considered the ideal physique in the movie Fight Club. While both of these guys are in great shape, I would say that Daniel has a bit more muscle. If I was to teach someone how to get a body like Brad Pitt, [click to continue…]


You probably have no idea how good fruit is for your body.

I don’t mean that to insult your intelligence. What I’m saying is that I found some facts on fruit that are WAY out of the mainstream. This is about as far “out there” as the one meal a day diet, that we discuss on this blog. This is stuff I have never read on any fitness site or any fitness magazine.

I LOVE bringing this type of info and pushing it out to the masses. I did about three hours research to find out some really amazing studies on fruit. I think you guys will enjoy this.

fruit diet weight loss

Why I Decided to Research Fruit?

So why did I decide to spend over 3 hours on a Friday night to research fruit? Well…I didn’t have a date planned and I wanted to save money to hit the clubs tomorrow night (at least I’m honest)…beyond that, I have been eating a large portion of my calories as fruit over the past 2 weeks and I have been feeling better than ever!

I have been following The Warrior Diet and I’m eating nothing but fruit during the day, and a regular healthy dinner at night. [click to continue…]


I don’t have a label for the type of diet I like to follow.

I eat Paleo meals occasionally, use Intermittent Fasting about once per week, eat Gluten Free at times, etc. If I had to come up for a term for it, I’d call it “Hybrid Dieting”. It is a loose way of eating, where I take principles from several solid diets…when it makes sense.

I’ll outline some solid principles in this post for those who want to lose weight without necessarily following a rigid diet year-round.

Sauce Pan
The” Calories In/Calories Out” Strategy
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