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As a kid raised in the 70’s and 80’s, I was taught that egg yolks were the devil. I used to make egg white omelettes in my late teens and early 20’s. Luckily I know better now. Here’s more good news when it comes to eating whole eggs.


Notes from article:

For the purpose of the research, middle-aged males and females with metabolic syndrome were split into 2 groups: one group ate 3 whole eggs each day and the other ate the same amount of egg substitute each day as part of a carbohydrate-restricted diet to lose weight.

After the subjects in the whole eggs group spent 3 months on the diet, the researchers found that it had no impact on their LDL cholesterol or total blood cholesterol, even though they were eating two times the amount of cholesterol than they were before the experiment began.

Both the whole eggs group and the egg substitute group had increases in HDL cholesterol, decreases in plasma triglycerides, and improved lipid profiles.

Dr. Luz Fernandez explained:

“Eating egg yolks was actually associated with enhanced health benefits in these high-risk individuals. Subjects consuming whole eggs had greater increases in HDL cholesterol and more significant reductions in the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio than those who ate the cholesterol-free egg substitute.”


This article is going to talk specifically about CrossFit for fat loss.

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In Part 1 of this 2 part CrossFit series, I gave a basic overview of what CrossFit is all about. Today I’m talking with the Head Trainer of a CrossFit gym who has recently perfected a special method of Crossfit that is laser-focused on burning body fat.

The workout is called SpeedX and from what I understand, it has been working wonders for people in his gym. Jarett Perelmutter, of Brick Sport Performance Gym in West Hollywood, agreed to do an interview outlining his new SpeedX system. He even put together a pdf with 2 sample SpeedX workouts exclusively for readers of FBB.

BRICK Sport Performance Gym

[The entry way of Brick Sport Performance Gym looks like a fancy downtown boutique. One of the coolest gym interiors I’ve ever seen…would love to live in a place with this type of aesthetic.]

An Interview With Jarett Perelmutter About SpeedX ™
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So I have recently decided to add Hindu Squats into my routine. Due to the fact that I don’t want to increase leg mass, I’ve avoided barbell squats the past 10 years.

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I’m not saying that squats are bad, there just is a certain point where too much lower body mass becomes cumbersome. In my opinion intense cardio intervals develop legs that are functional and defined without getting too big.

That being said, squats do help your body maintain good hip mobility and lower back flexibility. If I’m perfectly honest with myself, I’ve lost a bit of flexibility these past 10 years.

So I have found that Hindu Squats are the perfect solution to get the positives of the barbell squats (mobility and flexibility) without the negatives (excessive lower body mass).

Hindu Squats
[Here’s a picture from the Holi festival in India. It is a spring festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and others. On the main day of the festival people throw colored water and colored powder at each other. It would be cool to see this in person some day.]

Why Can’t You Just Stretch for Mobility?
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There is something to be said for brief workouts. Back in the 80’s, when I joined my first gym, it was common for workouts to last over 90 minutes.

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In college I would train up to 2 hours per day with a group of friends. We would spend 90 minutes lifting and 30 minutes on cardio. The routine was “3 days on and 1 day off”. Although that was WAY too much time in the gym, each of us was in great condition. With that much time sweating and burning calories, it was bound to work.

The problem was that our workouts weren’t time efficient. With a few less beers per week and less calories, we could have got the same results with about 1/2 the amount of time spent in the gym. In fact, with enough intensity and with a proper diet I believe I could have maintained a low body fat percentage just training a few times per week.

Although a few intense brief workouts are enough for a 20 year old to stay ripped, I believe the rules are different for a 40 year old.

Brief Workouts
[The time element of training is rarely discussed. Usually it is just assumed that less time training is better. If you are in your mid 30’s or older, I think you might need to question this assumption.]

Raging Hormones, High Metabolism, and “Naturally Active”…

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Fat loss should be easy. It certainly looks easy on paper. What makes it tough is the fact that we tend to over complicate things.

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The human mind comes up with all sorts of ideas that seem legitimate at the time, but are really just excuses to avoid change. My goal in this post is to call out the common lame excuses that get in the way of hitting fat loss goals. I don’t want this to be some generic bland post. Let’s dig deep into excuses.

I’ll list some ones that I see consistently, but would love for you guys to continue in the comment section. I love digging into the psychology of achievement, success, etc. This should be fun.

Fat Loss
[I honestly believe that successful fat loss is “all in your head” to a certain extent. While jamming a key in your ear isn’t recommended, take some time to read this post and see if you are victim of any of these tricks that the mind plays.]

“I Don’t Have Time to Get In Shape.”

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People often talk about rep tempo and lifting speed when it comes to gaining strength or adding muscle. What about fat loss when it comes to lifting speed?

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About 10 years ago I started using lower reps to increase muscle definition. I also slowed down the speed of each lift to really focus hard on increasing the tension in the lifts. This type of lifting quickly made a difference to my physique.

I reached the best shape of my life lifting with sets of 5 reps at a slow pace. I didn’t realize this at the time, but the slow lifting speed I was using may have contributed to reaching a low body fat percentage as well.

Rep Tempo
[No need to use a timer or stopwatch to time the speed of lifting and lowering your weights during a set. The “1 Mississippi…2 Mississippi” or “1 Alligator…2 Alligator” methods are just as accurate. Kids have been using this scientific counting method for “Hide and Seek” for centuries.]

An Interesting Study That Inspired This Post

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I have never met anyone who stays as lean as Martin Berkhan does year round. In fact, most people think it is near impossible to stay below 6% body fat for more than a few days at a time. Martin has held at a steady 5-6% body fat for three years straight! Many people will immediately think it is just do to great genetics or a naturally fast metabolism, but they would be wrong. He was a chubby kid growing up and simply figured out a methodology of staying lean without depriving himself of good food. He outlines these methods on his outstanding blog, Lean Gains. Here is an exclusive guest article he wrote for Fitness Black Book.

[Yeah, I probably overdo the fire effects on this site. I just couldn’t resist with the word “scorch” in the title.]

Scorch Through Your Fat Loss Plateau
-by Martin Berkhan

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Your basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns, not including calories burned from daily activity. I realize that calorie counting and knowing your BMR may seem like an “old school” approach to dropping body fat, but an understanding of these numbers will help if you are stuck. I want to discuss your BMR and why many people simply eat too many calories per day when trying to lose weight. We will also discuss the fact that people overestimate the effect that adding muscle has on increasing the BMR.

basal metabolic rate and fat loss

[I wasn’t planning on throwing in another Halloween photo, but this picture was too good to pass up.]

Understanding BMR Is Going to Help You Get Lean Quickly
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There are dozens, if not hundreds of circuit training routines that are effective at helping you drop body fat.

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I was doing my daily cruising of the Internet and found an outline of a routine by Nick Nilsson, author of “Metabolic Surge”, that reminded me of the large variety of effective circuit training routines. I’ll give you an outline of the routine he recommends as well as a few others that I’ve recommended in the past.

Use these as a reference when constructing your own ideal fat burning circuit.

circuit training routines

[I couldn’t find a good circuit training photo that I liked. When in doubt, I just default to sharp-looking photos that have nothing to do with the topic.]

No Such Thing As an Ideal Circuit Training Routine
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If you want to lose fat at a rapid pace, you do need to push hard at things like intervals, circuits and HIIT. The problem is knowing how hard should you push.

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Figuring out the ideal workout intensity for things like interval training is almost an art. Besides diet, proper intensity in your fat loss workouts is what makes the difference between looking good and looking your best.

fire woman

[One indicator of proper workout intensity is your skin feeling hot to the touch. It takes a bit of self-discipline to push your comfort zone to reach this point.]

What I Mean by Fat Burning Workouts
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