Finally! How to Tell if a Supplement is Worth Taking.

For the past six months I’ve been researching supplements extensively. You see, I am in the process of starting a supplement company.

My goal is to only offer supplements that are proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to provide immense benefits for the customers who purchase them. During my research, I stumbled across a guy named Sol Orwell. He has created the first non-biased guide on the subject of supplements. I’m actually using all of the findings in his guide to decide what supplements I want to offer through my company.

Sol took the time to do an interview where I picked his brain about supplements and the supplement industry.

Preview: He isn’t a fan of multi-vitamins, fat burning supplements, glutamine, and many other high-selling popular products. At the end, he even reveals what he takes and has his parents take as part of their supplement program.

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Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute Warmup

My biggest weakness is lack of flexibility. I just can’t get myself to take the time to stretch. In fact, I hate stretching.

About 3 months ago, Dan Go contacted me about a way to increase flexibility, improve posture, and increase exercise performance…by doing a simple 6 minute warm-up. He saw a HUGE gap in the fitness industry and has come up with a methodology that gets results fast, even for stubborn non-stretchers like myself.

Dan runs a gym in Toronto, Canada and has perfected a way for all of his gym members to increase flexibility each and every workout…while prepping their muscles to lift heavier weights…all while reducing the chance of injury.

Dan Sent Me a Blue Lacrosse Ball in the Mail

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How Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Body Fat? It Depends…

If I was to hire someone to create a diet plan customized for my goals and activity levels, Nate Miyaki would be that person. Nate spends his days teaching advanced nutrition mastery workshops in the Silicone Valley area.

He has recently decided to branch out to the Internet to teach people all over the globe. Bottom line…he is a full-fledged expert when it comes to diet and body composition. He just created a video and guest post for Fitness Black Book.

My guess is that you will learn more in this 10 minute video about carbs and fat loss, than scouring the internet for 3+ hours.

[He’s a laid back surfer type, but get him in front of a white board and prepare for a serious knowledge drop.]

-by Nate Miyaki

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Eating to Increase Your Metabolism [Pt 3]

If you read Part 2 of this series you will have a solid action plan to get your metabolism back to normal levels. In the process, you may add a touch of body fat, but will be in a much stronger position to get lean for summer.

This post will outline how to keep your metabolism healthy while systematically getting in shape for summer.

By the time summer hits, the ideal situation is to be lean without destroying your body’s ability to burn calories. In other words, lean with a high metabolism.

Long-Term Low Calorie Diets Suck the Life Out of You

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Eating to Increase Your Metabolism [Pt 2]

In part 1 I introduced the idea that leptin resistance is a key reason why people seem to have a problem with their metabolism.

Increasing leptin is easy and can be accomplished in the short term with things like cheat days. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit longer to fix the problem of leptin resistance.

I’m convinced that most overweight people are just a few consistent habits away from being slim.]

Stuck at Current Weight On a Low Calorie Diet?

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Eating to Increase Your Metabolism [Pt 1]

We have all known someone with the ability to eat large amounts of calories, not even workout, and still look lean and defined year round.

By chance, these people have a revved up metabolism. What often happens to these people is they are lean when they are young, then at some point their metabolism slows down and they put on weight.

In fact, this was more often than not the case a couple generations ago.

The above picture was taken in the late 1940’s at Playland in Rye Beach, New York. Up until the late 1980’s, the majority of teens were lean without even trying.

All Young Adults Were Lean in My Dad’s Generation

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Specialization Training – Making Those Stubborn Body Parts Grow

I don’t put up too many guest posts on my site, but JC wrote one exclusively for my blog that I couldn’t pass on.

I was chatting with him about getting stubborn body parts to grow…and that I haven’t discussed this much on my blog. I know this is one of his specialties, so asked him if he would be up for a guest post.

He came up with a much more comprehensive post than I was expecting. Not only does he give out a great strategy, he outlines 2 different detailed workouts to use to get a stubborn body part to grow.

Specialization Training
Making Those Stubborn Body Parts Grow

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“Hybrid Dieting” – Cherry Picking the Best Diet Strategies

I don’t have a label for the type of diet I like to follow.

I eat Paleo meals occasionally, use Intermittent Fasting about once per week, eat Gluten Free at times, etc. If I had to come up for a term for it, I’d call it “Hybrid Dieting”. It is a loose way of eating, where I take principles from several solid diets…when it makes sense.

I’ll outline some solid principles in this post for those who want to lose weight without necessarily following a rigid diet year-round.

Sauce Pan
The” Calories In/Calories Out” Strategy

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Squats and Deadlifts are Not the “King of Exercise” for a Lot of People.

I want to explain my stance on limiting the use of squats and deadlifts. I don’t believe they are terrible exercises. I think they have a place in the routines for some people, depending upon their goals.

Do I believe that either of these should be labeled the “king of exercise” that so many people claim them to be? Not by a mile.

[Here’s a fit couple walking down the beach. Both of them could probably add quite a bit of mass to their legs with a routine based around squats…but should they?]

Squats: The Best Exercise to Add Mass to Your Lower Body

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Fasting vs Dieting: Lose Fat Without Lowering Testosterone Levels

This is a guest post from Brad Pilon about a topic that I think doesn’t get addressed enough: getting lean without destroying your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is important for women as well (so don’t skip this article if you are a woman). I’ve messed up in the past by dieting in a way that killed my testosterone levels. “Low T” is a bad deal…so Brad is going to show you how to get lean, while easily avoiding this common problem.

Fasting, Dieting, and Testosterone
by Brad Pilon

Juice. Sauce. Crank.

When most people think testosterone, they think about the stuff that athletes inject. The truth is testosterone is an anabolic steroid, but it’s one that your body produces entirely on it’s own – no needles required.

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