One Arm Dumbbell Press (Video)

November 16, 2012

It can be tricky getting dumbbells in place for the regular seated dumbbell press. I do what is I call a seated swinging hammer curl to get the dumbbells in place. It is fine until the dumbbells get up over 60 pounds. At that point, getting the dumbbells in place is trickier than the actual lift.

The standing one arm version is better for heavy sets.

You can use two arms to easily get heavy dumbbells into place. Not even a problem to get 100+ pound dumbbells in place (if you are strong enough to press them). Here’s a short video demonstration showing good technique.

Some people like to pull their upper arms back in line until the dumbbells are facing forward, but I find that this can irritate the shoulder and rotator cuff. Other people suggest lifting with the dumbbells facing each other with their upper arm travelling in front of the body. I like the method the guy in the video is using…upper arms in between these two extremes.

The “Push Press” Variation.

One way to increase strength in the shoulder press is to get the muscle group used to handling a heavier weight than can be lifted in traditional form. The one arm dumbbell push press is a perfect lift to accomplish this. Here’s a video showing how this is done.

These will increase your numbers in all pressing lifts.

This is the perfect lift for those who are at a strength plateau in other pressing movements (bench press, incline press, military, etc.) A decent strategy is to alternate between using the regular one arm dumbbell press one workout and the push press version the next.

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Nick Heuer November 19, 2012 at 4:16 pm

I definitely agree with you that having your arms in between the two extremes, like in video one, is most comfortable. I believe its called the scapular plane, and it just simple feels way more comfortable to me.

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