Mastering the Front Squat for Quad Development

December 4, 2012

If you are looking for strong quad development without gaining too much mass in the glutes, then front squats are for you. This is actually a tough move to master, but luckily Eric Cressey has a fantastic tutorial with videos on his site. Here’s one showing how to setup the bar.

Some more tips on getting the bar in place:

When it comes time to unrack the bar, I cue the athlete to push the elbows up high and take air into the belly as they stand up the weight. This combination of “elbows up” (shoulder flexion) and “air in” prevents the bar from rolling – either because the arms are angled down or because the torso goes to mush as the rib cage comes down.

After the weight is walked out, the athlete should take a slightly outside hip width stance, with the toes angled slightly out. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that athletes go too wide with their stance, and the end result is that the knees have nowhere to go but in:

Read the rest of Eric’s Tutorial: How to Front Squat: Everything You Need to Know

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