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This a growing collection of what I consider best fitness videos from around the web, along with my comments.

I’m not an advocate of smoking or taking in nicotine, but wanted to share this video with you. Ever wonder why people who smoke are often times pretty darn lean? Kiefer will explain how nicotine blocks the fat receptors and stops fat from accumulating…even if you eat a high calorie meal.


Eric Cressey shows how to properly do the “Y exercise” on the TRX to improve posture. He also shows some common mistakes. This guy is almost always spot on when it comes to demonstrating good form in various exercises.

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Bloom to Fit just put up a video of the sweetest jump rope I’ve ever seen. It is called CrossRope and I’m guessing this company is going to do very well with this. Jumping rope is an amazing conditioning exercise. Coupled with a good diet, it is also an incredible way to burn body fat.

Article highlights:

Here’s the story… A brainchild of my now good friend Dave Hunt, the CrossRope is a unique and extremely versatile jump rope training system.

Anyway, I’m the kind of guy who loves technology and loves testing out new fitness tools and gadgets, so I was extremely fortunate to get in contact with Dave and get myself a complete CrossRope training set.

What is the CrossRope The CrossRope is an interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system.

The thinner handles are 7 ounces in weight and are designed to be used with the lighter ropes while the thicker handles are 11 ounces in weight and are designed to be used with the heavier ropes.

Three pounds may not seem like a lot, but in the art of jumping rope the centrifugal force that is generated as the rope rotates around the body creates an insane pull on the arms that requires solid upper body strength and control.

But, as Dave says, it cannot provide sufficient centrifugal resistance for maximum jump rope power development like the CrossRope can.

With the way the world of technology is evolving, it seems like even age-old fitness tools like the jump rope are getting makeovers.

Link to full article: CrossRope: The Ultimate Jump Rope Training System | Bloom to Fit.


Pull ups are a great exercise for the back, and quite possibly the best exercise for your biceps. I’ve actually dropped curls this winter to see if my biceps get worked enough with just back exercises. I found a great guest post today on Bodyweight Coach showing how to get stronger at pull ups. The video:

Link to full article: Master Pull Ups With This Foolproof Plan.


Kiefer of Dangerously Hardcore, just put up a video demonstrating two great moves to build the muscle that frame the abs. Oblique exercises are often ignored, but they greatly enhance a physique when the body fat levels are low. He recommends these for women in particular, but these work well for men also.

Tip: I wouldn’t recommend “wood choppers” to those with naturally blocky waists. Stick to static holds and things like side planks to get the job done.


I’ve been a huge fan of Leo Babauta for years. I agree with Tim Ferriss a bit less, but I can’t deny I’m excited for his new book The 4 Hour Chef. In this video Leo and Tim talk about their extremely opposite approaches to achieving things in life. Tim sets goals and Leo doesn’t. Here’s the video.

Here’s what Leo says about the video:

I’ve accomplished a few goals myself, but in the last couple of years have experimented with letting them go. Most people don’t agree with me, and while I’m OK with that, I thought it would be fun to have a debate on the issue.

Link: Tim Ferriss vs. Leo Babauta Showdown: On Whether Goals Suck

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Kiefer discusses a carb back-loading strategy for those who train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I figured he would suggest eating the carbs right after each training session, but this is not the case.

His recommendations?

Spike insulin with a good whey protein drink after your lifting session (watch video for his exact recommendation). Eat carbs the night before your training session. So your most concentrated carb feeding would be Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night.


I think calves may be a pretty darn stubborn body part. My thighs grow quickly with any type leg resistance, but my calves need several variations of set and rep schemes to increase in size. Here’s an innovative approach shown by Lee Hayward.

How to do this:

  • Pick a light weight that allows for a full range of motion.
  • Hold 10 seconds and top, then 10 seconds at bottom range.
  • Do reps like this until your calves are burning (3-5 reps).
  • Then pump out 15-20 fast reps in a  shorter range of motion.



Elliott Hulse explains in this video that posture can be effected by your emotional state. All the stretches and exercises in the world won’t fix this. Here’s the video.

This video is a little long, but seriously worth the time invested. I have a few areas I need to work on, like breathing deeper and assuming a confident posture as much as possible.

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I was sent a pair of Fat Gripz for free a few years ago when they were first released. The funny thing is that I haven’t used them until this past month. I highly recommend these if you have stubborn forearms.

What I’ve found is that tall guys with large hands barely get any forearm growth from lifting weights because your grip doesn’t get challenged. This product will change all of that…and you will finally get to squeeze the bar when lifting (something you can’t do to a normal Olympic bar if you have large hands).