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  1. Nate
    July 19, 2010

    You could also just wrap a long and narrow towel (maybe cut it to shape) around a bar to increase the thickness. This is what i sometimes do.

  2. Leonid
    July 20, 2010

    It’s incredible. I have been pondering over how to blast my upper body strength without adding mass to my torso and adding size to my arms, especially biceps.

    And, lol and behold, at work we have pull-up bar, THICK pull-up bar which I have always been avoiding!

    1 week of Pavel Tsatsouline’s ladders of pull-ups on this bar (it was really tough!) and suddenly I was able to press cleanly 32 kg (70 pounds) kettlebell which I had been trying to do for a long time before but seemingly was in a plateau phase!
    And this 1 week injected 1 sm (0.4 in.) into my arms. Though it gave me some size also on torso which is not what I want but nevertheless, it’s great.

    I wonder how this simple concept is so freakishly effective.

    Thank you very much for the top-notch information!

  3. Tara Schultz
    December 24, 2010

    Rusty addictive reading as always, discussing points that are so easy to relate to. It explains exactly why the contraction i feel while doing exercises, particularly barbell curls, is far greater when using an olympic barbell or thick barbells. Im certainly going to buy those grips asap,even if the site selling them does look a little bit how do we say ‘roid-esque’ , such a handy piece of equipment though.

  4. buying shares for beginners
    January 30, 2011

    The improved grip of the thick bar should also improve safety while weight training, reducing the chance of the bar slipping.

  5. carl womack
    April 5, 2011

    I’m 60 this May, 2011. For years, since I was knee high to a ‘hopper I’ve used a FAT bat handle. Your control and aim for an in-field shot was so sharp it was weird! And power, you felt like you could knock down a brick wall, and the 3rd baseman wanted a 1st baseman’s glove.

    Chop wood with a big round handle. Your foreman-arms were on fire, blazen!! Gordie Howe has a famous pic of himself pitchin’ hay. His fore-arms looked 12″ across the top. Still got that pic, inspired me as a kid. By 22 I was kiddingly called Popeye, all because of your technique that I didn’t even new existed. From the games I played, I’m pretty stoved-up now, but can hold and on not let go (your tech.). I give about as good as I get now. Thanks for the memories. 5’6″- 220. Keep happiness in your heart and ride with the Great One. Apache Carl

  6. Tim @ Behind The Workout
    December 4, 2011

    After seeing Jay Cutler using them, I finally got my pair of fat gripz last week. I can definitely feel my grip failing near the end of the set, especially on back exercises. The soreness (and pump) is quite satisfying too. This forces me to use less weight but I am not so worried because this is one of those things where you take one step back and two steps forward. With greater forearm strength and irradiation, I should be able to further activate my arm muscles!

  7. eequipfan
    June 14, 2012

    i just starting using these myself (the fatgripz), and i’ve never had such a pump in my forearms! i can’t wait to see the difference this makes for me in the next few weeks.

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