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March 17, 2011

So this past November and December I finalized an Abs course, called Abs Blueprint 1.0. The idea was to launch it as a paid course in late Spring of 2011. I wanted to introduce it at $27 to my newsletter, then add a few more modules and eventually release it for sale for $47. The goal was to create a laser-focused ab routine, skipping all of the movements that were a waste of time. The whole routine was based on the principles taught to me over 20 years ago by a golf pro that me and my workout partner met back in college. This guy had the best abs I had ever seen…and what he taught us worked way beyond any routine I have seen since. I simply wanted to share this info.

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So Why Did I Decide to Give This Away for Free?

For a few reasons:

  1. I just released my premium Women’s program and didn’t want to put out another paid product so soon after this.
  2. I released my last free report, Vacation Body Blueprint, about a year and half ago.
  3. I want to build a large interactive Facebook Page and decided to use this free report as a way to launch it.
  4. I want to start my newsletter from scratch and offer more helpful videos and reports, etc.

Facebook Will Allow Me To Share Useful Info Quickly

This blog is more like a fitness magazine. My goal is to simply add in a few posts per month with new training tips and things I’ve never discussed in the past. Every few months, I archive many of the posts in The Best of Fitness Black Book section. This is a growing resource of hundreds of articles all focused on getting the lean “Hollywood Look”. The problem is that I wanted a place where I could share information in “real time”. I also wanted a place where it didn’t have to be so “text book”…I want to discuss entertaining stuff as well.

I’ll Continue to Add to This Blog As Well

This blog is my bread and butter…no doubt about it! I want to keep discussing every possible topic related to getting lean and defined. I have hundreds of articles to go still, before this site gets redundant. I plan to keep adding to this on a regular basis for many more years to come. There is already a ton of content on the site… both in the posts and comments. I’m pretty darn proud of what this site has grown into.

Abs Blueprint 1.0 – Wasn’t Created as a Free Product

This really is one of the best abs courses currently available (paid or free). It long, because honestly…I just wanted to outline what this golf pro taught me 20+ years ago. The guy had picture perfect abs, better than what I’ve seen on the cover of most fitness magazines…and the best abs I’ve ever seen in person.

Six Pack Abs

This Isn’t Info I’ve Shared on Fitness Black Book Before

These past 4 years I’ve discussed planks as a great way to build 6 pack abs. The problem is that they don’t increase the density enough for deep abs that even look good on a cloudy day. Most effective ab movements that increase ab density… hammer the spine. The reason I stopped doing this routine 7-8 years ago was that it irritated my lower back…and now I have a solution for this. If you struggle with zero ab definition, this will do the trick!

A List of the Main Routines:

  • The Flat Abs Workout: This workout is perfect for women who want a nice bikini body without any chance of too much ab definition. It seems almost too simple, but works extremely well. Guys can use this workout to maintain the ab definition they already have.
  • The “Skinny Fat” Killer: So there are a lot of men and women who are skinny and pudgy with very little definition at all. High intensity training is probably the key here. Most people who are skinny fat, simply don’t push the intensity levels as high as needed for great definition.
  • Lower Ab Specialization: All of these routines will hit the lower abs, but you can target the lower abs even further by focusing mainly on various leg raises. I actually believe the lying leg raise is the best lower ab exercise. This workout is only meant to be done for 4-6 weeks max. I like to use this one before spring to ensure that my lower abs are up to par, before hitting my summer prep ab workout.
  • Deep Abs Level 1: To get really deep six pack abs, we are going to have to add in a little more of the exercises that flex the spine forward a bit. Since we are going to flex the spine forward, extra care needs to be taken to work hip bridges and back bridges. These can’t be done as an afterthought.
  • Deep Abs Level 2: Like the previous deep abs routine, we are going to have to add in a little more of the exercises that flex the spine forward a bit…but this one is even tougher. Since we are going to flex the spine forward, extra care needs to be taken to work hip bridges and back bridges.
  • The Beach Prep Tweak: this is meant as an add-on to any of the other workouts outlined above. I discovered this a few years back before I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. In fact, because of a back injury…this was all I used with success. If you combine this with any of the other workouts you will most likely get the best abs of your life.

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Gary@stomach toning May 23, 2012 at 4:46 am

It’s oh-so difficult to get good definition in your lower abs. You really have to watch what you put in your mouth. Pushing away your plate might be just as important as push-ups.

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