Should You Get Your Genome Sequenced?

December 18, 2012

In case you haven’t seen this in the news, you can have your genome sequenced to see how likely you are to get a chronic or deadly disease. This is disturbing to me. In my opinion, life should be an adventure and should be somewhat unpredictable. This is what makes it fun. Mark Sisson put out a post today with his opinion.


Earlier this year, I explored the “evolution” of human dietary requirements in the last 10,000 years by examining some of the SNPs – single nucleotide polymorphisms, or variations in genetic sequences – that relate to diet and nutrition.

Nothing has changed on that front in my mind, but people are still understandably curious about their genetic predispositions toward various conditions, and, with the recent reduction in price for SNP sequencing from 23andMe (to $99 with no subscriptions required), as well as slightly more affordable full-on genome sequencing (~$1000) on the not so distant horizon, it’s easier than ever to actually do it.

Sequencing your genome or getting an SNP analysis could ease your worry and show you that you’ve got nothing going on, or it could kick start your mania and make things even worse.

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