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    May 15, 2013

    sorry, 5lb of muscle guys, not 4lb…

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    Alie J
    June 25, 2013

    Starvation mode is horrible. You feel cold all the time, become constipated, dizzy, depressed and have little energy.

    I’ve restricted my calories and over trained. 1500kCal with running a couple of miles per day and doing 3 hours intensive martial arts 3 times per week. I lost fat and a lot of muscle and became underweight very quickly. I had to stop exercising after becoming injured and frightened of weight gain I cut to 1000kCal. I had anorexia nervosa and was unaware of it until I became too ill to work and my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist.

    At the start of my eating disorder I was 29 years old and I’m male which just made it more difficult to accept as it normally happens to adolescent girls.

    I’m now 31 and in recovery for the second time. Recovery isn’t easy and has many nasty physical and psychological side effects. After loosing >25% of your body weight (I was a healthy weight at the start!) it becomes impossible to eat normally. At the start, eating more than 1000 was hard work, then when I managed to get to 2500kCal, I ended up binging lots and would sometimes vomit which is what often causes bulimia. Lucky that didn’t happen. After relapsing for a few months I just sucked it up and binged on well over 6000kCal per day to get better.

    Diet safely, please don’t put yourself on a starvation diet. The problem is it’s often too late as one of the symptoms of starvation is body dysmporphic disorder so you fail to see the weight coming off until it’s too late.

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