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  1. Zac
    April 20, 2011

    One thing I’ve noticed regarding height is what ones height consists of, long legs short torso vs a lengthy torso and shorter legs can make a difference in a persons composition and appearance. For example a longer torso with a low body fat % can get that eight pack appearance in their abdominal area while a person with a shorter torso will normally only achieve a six or four pack look. This is also relevant in lifts for example long legs and a short torso, shorter arms, will make lifts such as the deadlift more challenging. In the end it’s important to realize your genetic make up to help identify your strengths and weaknesses but not dwell on anything we find dissapointing.

  2. the boy
    October 5, 2011

    Bit late commenting on this but this is a quality article and makes so very good points. One more thing about height is how it relates to body mass – why is it that guys who train seem to be obsessed with being ‘200lbs’…. without considering height…. 200lbs without context means nothing.

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