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    October 25, 2014

    The scale says I’ve lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks but my hips and stomach are just getting so much bigger!! I exercise every day( I’m a soccer player) and I don’t know what is going on! Any advice??

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    January 1, 2015


    Here’s my problem…i lift, i do some cardio, and i eat pretty strictly. A about 200 cals for breakfast, maybe 300-400 for lunch and maybe 400 at dinner. I will onkly touch diet anything and i do drink water. I use sugar free things as well. I work out for about an hour/ hour and 15 mins 4-5 days a week. I used to be so faithful and hit it hard with my muscles. I recently have not had time to go about the past 3 weeks. The last 3 days I started back and hit it pretty good but I feel almost fatter. My lil pouches look fatter, and especially my tummy area. But Ive done ab work outs too. What the hecks going on? Is it because im eating too much? Or just because I am pumped up a little from this week? Youd think I feel great hittin git hard again for the past 3 days but I feel like crap! Any advice helps!

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    April 1, 2015

    Great article! I’m about 122 lbs, 5’5″, athletic figure with the exception of a couple problem areas..”banana rolls,” lower abdomen and love handles. I do a lot of Pilates, started endurance/cardio style crossfit have a depleted calorie intake. What is your advice on the banana rolls that are beginning to appear a lot more as saggy fat around the upper posterior thigh, and can you kindly provide a link to your article on prepping for Vaca? :) I know I’m way late on this post but you sound very knowledgeable and hope you’re still blogging!

    Thank you!

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